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Preparation of UET Entry Test: We are going to give you full tips for preparation of UET entry test. These will be helpful for other entry tests as well like Nust entry test, PIEAS entry test etc. The easiest test is UET test. Many of the good students cannot get good scores because they do not know how to prepare and attempt the Entry test.

You should know something about the test that untill the year 2007, UET Entry test was simple and was not much conceptual, there were almost no dodging (tricking) numerical (it was easy to guess the right answer ). These were almost simple statements which were given in the textbooks and hard working and talented students in those days could have scored 330 to 370 marks while an average student can obtain 260 to 330 marks. But after the year 2007, UET changes its method of entry test. UET Entry test become somewhat we call difficult and conceptual. Dodging has been added. Now a talented student can get roughly about 250 to 350 marks and an average one can score about 200 to 220 marks. You can also see this in these graphs.
  • 2008  to 2011

uet 2010 entry test stats
But this remained till 2011 when UET’s test was leaked and it was held twice. The pattern of entry test was totally changed. It was as difficult as GIKI’s or NUST test. Here is a graph that shows it.

You can see that only 2 students crossed 300 marks line and only 43 from 250 marks line in 2011. you can read this post to have an idea why this happend.
But still there are some general tips on Uet test. You will insa’Allah succeed.
1.      Divide time for your subjects like if you have 30 days for the preparation you can give 6 days to each subject (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and English).
2.     Most of the uet students says that if you have read and understand concepts of textbooks the you can get high marks. So read every line of your course book and try to understand concept.
3.     If you done this you have covered 75% of your preparation. If you cannot memorize it then do this step chapter wise complete one chapter and go to the next step and after that come back to this step but keep in mind that you have to give equal time to all the chapters.
4.     Do not read from entry test objective or preparation books untill you got through your textbook. once you completed the 3rd second step take some practice MCQs or objective type and check yourself, if you forget something you can look into your textbook. Those who have learn from their textbooks can goto the 3rd step chapter wise also do this step chapter wise.
5.     Do this for every subject and keep practicing from some sort of Test books like KIPS entry test books.
On test day you should follow these Guidelines:
  •  Divide time equally to attempt all the subjects. There are 30 MCQs of Mathematics, 30 of Chemistry, 30 of Physics and 10 of English. There are 4 marks of each correct MCQ and 1 negative mark for wrong one.
  • Do not get confused and concentrate on the questions. Students who become nervous on test are likely to lose marks unknowingly.
  • Attempt all those questions which you can answers. Skip those in which you are confused and could not get to the answers.
  • Once you are done with all those questions which you fully understand, come to the rest ones and concentrate on them, attempt them carefully. You can also leave the MCQs unattempted if you want because wrong answer has negative mark.
  • Some people say that you should attempt those question you can not solve or don’t know about them. In my opinion entry test is designed to filter out students, To make you come out of the crowd of students, so do not attempt those you don’t know. questions are tricky and negative marking can significantly decrease your score in entry test.

And at the end!

Don’t use computer so much and do not allow it to interfere in your studies. especially in these days. 🙂  So go and study.

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  1. Can you please advise some good books for MCQ questions? because we can study from text books, but we need some books which have lot of MCQs for practice.

    farooq /
    • KIPS entry test books are good. but keep in mind that they contain difficult questions. because they are published for various entry tests like GIKI, UET, FAST-NU etc.. after consulting them, you will have an idea about what kind of questions are asked.

      Asim Ali / (in reply to farooq)
  2. AOA…..
    If my aggregate is around 73 or 74, then can i get admission in petroleum engineering in uet Lahore easily?????

    Wasiq Attique /
    • W alaikum assalam!
      Your aggregate should be higher than this. you have time.come on , do it!

      Asim Ali / (in reply to Wasiq Attique)
  3. which is the best acadmy for uet entry test preparation?and i got 407 marks in fsc part 1 from d.i.khan board if i got 800+ marks in fsc, and 400 marks in entry test …then can i get admission in uet?????sir reply fast i m waiting…

    Aezaz Ahmad /
    • Salam!
      First of all You cannot get 400 marks in entry test. be realistic. I am not saying that someone cannot reach 400 but there is a very rare chance. 407 marks in part1 are actually very good. if you get 850 marks in fsc and around 300 marks in entry test then your chances of admission are very bright. you can even get admission in electrical engineering in uet. Just study continuously and thoroughly and try to develop your concepts.
      EDIT: you’ve asked about best academy. Believe me, there are hundreds of students in UET who are studying in top disciplines but they had not joined any academy for their ECAT preparation. and also there are thousands of students who joined top names for example KIPS etc and they were not able to get even 100 marks in test. so in my opinion you should study your fsc books yourself. best of luck!

      Asim Ali / (in reply to Aezaz Ahmad)
  4. sir plz guide i m gone totally confused …what should i do? plz tell me which chapters r most important in these 4 subjects 4 the preparation of entry test/… plz sir i m waiting 4 ure answer

    hassnain khan /
    • To pass test with good marks, you should read all of them. Believe me it is not a difficult job. you’ve got a lot of time for it. if you are serious, then you should not be asking about which chapters to read. best luck

      Asim Ali / (in reply to hassnain khan)
  5. sir,humein ap kuch important books k naam btaein jo aap k khayal sy best hain aur jo aap ne b use kii hon..

    saad ahmed /
    • If you are talking about books for ECAT preparation then FSc books are best. You just have to thoroughly studying ’em.

      Asim Ali / (in reply to saad ahmed)
  6. sir laptops kb milne hn?

    adnan /
    I had obtained 894 marks in Fsc from abbotabad board last year…but i can’t get admisn in uet due to low marks in entry tst…now i am preparing the entry tst at home….i want to give the enty tst again this year…plzzzzz tell me how much marks i need in entry tst to get admisn in uet lahore????? and plzzzz suggest me how much time i have to give to my studies????? plzz rply fast….

    Uneeba waqar /
    • W.Alaikum assalam!
      As much as you can. your focus should be on thorough reading of FSc books. Also ask yourself “how much time i have to give to my studies?”, as you can answer yourself better. 894 marks are excellent. your %age aggregate should be above 75% for a good field of engineering. wish you best luck!

      Asim Ali / (in reply to Uneeba waqar)
  8. sir plz plz meri help karain ma fsc part 1 kr rha hn aur ma bht tense hn sir paperz ma 3 months reh gaye hain aur meri 30%ha sir mujhe daily basis pr kitni dair parhna chahiya ka ma 450+marks la ln …sir rply jaldi krain me waiting

    taimoor khan /
    • Assalam-o-Alaikum!
      agar aap is tarah se time ka andaza lagaen ge aur dosron se ye pochenge k kitne ghente parhna chahie to kabhi parh nahi paen ge. Har ek ka apna level hota hai. aap ye question apne aap se karen k apko kiti der parhna chahie. Part1 ki preparation ke lye 3 months more than enough hein. Ab apko roz k 6-12 ghente parhna chahie.

      Asim Ali / (in reply to taimoor khan)
  9. i’hv obtained 776 marks from balochistan board, the case here is different unlike Punjab where students get 900+ marks, in Balochistan 776 marks can be fighting marks…just want to know whether there is a chance for a student from balochistan to get admitted in civil eng. ? Is there would be a separate merit for outsider? Regards

    murad /
    • yes there are separate seats for balochistan students. but you will fight against ’em. so be prepared for ECAT

      Asim Ali / (in reply to murad)
  10. AOA. Sir i got 431/550 in FSc first year.How much marks should i get in second year to get admission in UET electrical engineering.

    Murtaza123 /
    • your overall percentage should be 83%+. but in this case your performance in ECAT should be outstanding.(330+) but chances in other campuses are also good if you really want to pursue electrical engg from uet lahore.

      Asim Ali / (in reply to Murtaza123)
  11. aoa. asim hakim . i wanna ask u to something questions please answer me i m also very confused about taking uet entry test . i got 436 marks in fsc part 1 , how much marks ought to get marks in fsc part 2 to admission in uet in mechanical engineering or in civil ? how much i ought to be got marks in ecat .please reply me fast i m waiting . please send me ur contact num or id of facebook ?

    ali /
    • you should get 85%+ marks in part2 as well as 75% marks in ECAT 2014.

      Asim Ali / (in reply to ali)
  12. sir,may multan board say fsc kr rara ho aue mayray 1st year may no.445/550ay hai mujay 2nd year may kitnay no. laynay chaiay aur entry test may kitnay no. laynay ho gay ta kay mayra electrical eng. may admission ho gay

    muhammad /
    • you should get 490+ marks in 2nd year as well as 310+ marks in ECAT 2014.dont worry, you will inshaAllah do it

      Asim Ali / (in reply to muhammad)
  13. Sir i m hafiz e quran and i got 380/550 in fsc part 1 my marks in ch were so upset 45/100. And my left hand is dameged by polio how can i get addmission in electrical in uet lahore or on self finanace what would the semester fee

    H m hussain /
    • self finance nahi hai. maybe u can repeat chem with part2. dont worry. you should concentrate on ur part2. admission ho hi jaaega

      Asim Ali / (in reply to H m hussain)
  14. Is There self finance in pucit????? PU mai Industrial Engineering k liye FSc with Maths,Phy,Chem zroori hai ya ICs with Maths,Phy,computer se bhi ho Jata hai?????

    Ahmad /
    • afternoon is actually self finance. industrial k lye pre engineering zaroori hai

      Asim Ali / (in reply to Ahmad)
  15. Sir!! F.Sc walo k liye to Sindh Seats ka kota hy mgr D.A.E walo k liye Q ni???? Hmary sth itna misbehave q hy akhir?????? Uper se hmari Seats b 2 hti hain Govt: Uni mei to ab Hm D.A.E wale jaye to jayen khn????? Plz tell me Ssoooo0000nnnn……………….

    Fahad /
    • Allah se dua karen aur mehnat karen. hum uet ko kiya keh sakte hein?

      Asim Hakim / (in reply to Fahad)
  16. mera group chemistry hy(ie math phy chemist) koi prblm to nai hoga electronics me admsn k liy.
    Aur uet chkwal ki semester fee nearly kitni hy.

    fehdi /
    • no problem. chakwal campus ki fees same hai jitni taxila ki hai

      Asim Hakim / (in reply to fehdi)
  17. salam sir g’
    Me phr questn krny chla hn.
    Electrncs chkwal uet k ilawa
    Baki knci univesties me aur kis dptment me ho skta hy.
    With agregate 70 point smthing
    Like bzu
    Mns uet
    punjb univsty, iub ,univsty of gujrat., etc

    fehdi /
    • UOG and BZU electrical mein bhi ho sakta hai. but i dont have much info about other universities

      Asim Hakim / (in reply to fehdi)
  18. sir mere fsc-1 me 429 marks hy . mjy petroleum engineering k liye fsc r ECAT me ktny marks chaye ho gy. me petroleum kn si university sy kru.rply me fast please

    ADIL /
    • PU or UET will be good. your aggregate should be in range of 74-76%

      Asim Hakim / (in reply to ADIL)
  19. i’ve got 244 marks in UET entry test and i hope to get 950+ marks in Fsc…….what are my chances in UET lahore??????

    abdul basit /
  20. Main campus sy ja kr pta krna paryga ya inka ko cntct hy jis sy ye informatiön mil jaiy. Mechencal me dg khan students k liy

    fehdi /
  21. salam.

    Sir i belong to dera ghazi khan

    My agregate is 70
    U say my chances are in electronics at uet chkwal

    May i not hope for mechatronics or mechenicle at uet campuses??????

    Plz u wl b thanked.!!

    fehdi /
    • uet me admsn kb open hongy
      mairy ecat me 216 marks ha or fsc me tqrebn 950 tk a jye gy.mara uet lahore me civil me hojye ga kya.

      shahbaz / (in reply to fehdi)
      • no chance in civil. but narowal campus mein ho sakta hai civil mein. admission result k baad open honge

        Asim Hakim / (in reply to shahbaz)
    • you should contact uet. there may be 1 seat for dg khan students. but with 70% aggregate, there are no chances in mechanical or mechatronics engg in uet lhr’s campuses

      Asim Hakim / (in reply to fehdi)
  22. mera mood electricle aur chemicle krny ka zra b ni bnta
    Wht shud i do sir
    Me ecat 136
    Fsc 940
    Me kn c engineering krn
    Mera shok mechncal k h

    fehdi /
    • shaaaaaayad mechanical mein ho jae. nahi to industrial mein ho jaega. wo b mechanical ki specialization hai

      Asim Hakim / (in reply to fehdi)
  23. sir g,
    May i get admision in uet texla in any one ov its dptament
    My agregate is 70…..??????????

    Reply me sir ami ko tension hy meri

    fehdi /
    • electronics engg chakwal campus (uet taxila)

      Asim Hakim / (in reply to fehdi)
  24. Sir, mre ECAT main 163 hai or 1st year main 440 or inshALLAH FSc main 920-930 aa jye gay!! Sir kia mra kisi b campus main, mechanical main ho sakta hai????? Sir plz reply I’m very tensed PLZZZZ REPLY….

    Umair /
  25. Sir i have given the entry test twice in 2012 and now in 2013 but on both years i didnot succeded in 2013 uet test i was so much careful and i have attept only 90 mcqs sure and after that i didnt attemp more mcqs and i got 189 shameless marks in my 2013 uet test so i am very confuse what method should i follow plz give me a positive feeedback. 0347-9397600

    robaidali /
    • competition k fear ko khatam karein. jb dar khtm ho jaega to marks a jaenge

      Asim Hakim / (in reply to robaidali)
  26. Sir i got 365/550 in first year how much marks i would need in entry test igot aprox 800 in over fsc
    toget admision in uet electrical engg

    abdullah /
    • it is impossible to get admission in Electrical engg in main campus but if you manage 290-320 marks in ECAT, then you can get admission in electrical engg in other campuses of UET lahore. Merit of narowal campus is low so you will be insha’Allah admitted in electrical engineering..

      Asim Hakim / (in reply to abdullah)
  27. Sir mani ny DAE kia hay is ab main ENTRY TEST ki Prepration Khan sy karo. PLz Rply ME.

    Usama Saad /
    • To pass Uet test with high marks, you should thoroughly read F.Sc books. Thorough reading is very important in preparing uet test. do small problems. don’t give too much time to one subject. In mathematics, concentrate on formulas instead of solving all exercise problems. In chemistry, the questions are given in fsc books at the end of chapters. if you understand them and make your concepts, you will do well in chemistry also. Entry test is going to be held in august this year. start preparing now. And at the and the most important thing: You should keep in mind that UET test is very easy. You should be confident that you will solve it. your thinking can lead you to success. By the way, I am doing Electrical Engineering from uet.

      Asim Hakim / (in reply to Usama Saad)
  28. me ne test k lye on line admisn karwaya h.bnk chalan bharne k bd uno ne mje 3 copies wapas kar dn hn mje ab age smj nae ara h age knsa proses karna h.
    plz help me.

    Ijaz ahmed. /
  29. ok thanks a lot for guiding me 🙂

    Maryam /
  30. agar aap 6,7,8 chapters and conic section etc achi tarah prepare kr k NUST ka test dene jaen to kiya ye guaranteed hai k aap NUST ka math ka portion 50% bhi thek kr k aengi?? nahi na.. bilkul isi tarah UET ka test is tarah banaya jata hai k jo bache F.Sc main “Ratta” laga laga k 900-1000 marks lete hein unki position zra aitdaal pe ki jae. There are hundreds of students in UET who got 970+ marks in UET and prepared entry test just like F.Sc (it is tradition for praparation of fsc exams to study like this) They are studying in low merit departments. Kindly keep in mind that you will be checked for your competency level in ECAT. it does not take much time to study thoroughly and conceptually the whole syllabus of F.Sc. 1 month is more than enough for this… EVERY senior, EVERY senior will recommend this to you..

    Asim Hakim /
  31. I need to focus on which chapters from Physics and maths??
    And in test they ask which type of questions??
    Numerical,Conceptual or theoretical???

    Maryam /
    • Focus on conceptual and thorough study of physics book. Most of the time, questions are conceptual. and General like general formulas (also what you derive yourself), properties of integration. they will check your ability to solve problems by methods you’ve learned from intermediate level studies..

      Asim Hakim / (in reply to Maryam)
      • jab ap ne test dia tha tou maths n physics k kin chapters main se zayada portion bana hua tha test ka
        and jis tarah NUST main 6,7,8 chapter zayada aty hain UET k test main maths n physics k kin chapters se test ka zayada portion bana hota hai???
        and abhi preparation k liay tym kesy manage kroon kitny chapters aik din main karoon ??
        kindly help me
        18 august ko test hai 🙁

        Maryam / (in reply to Asim Hakim)
  32. Sir,
    I got 438 marks out of 510 in Gujranwala Board.
    I have 30 days to prepare for UET entry test .
    My subjects are Computer,Physics and Maths.
    Kindly suggest me how to prepare for Maths and Physics specially.
    and Mostly part of test depend upon which chapters of physics and maths.
    like Nust mostly maths portion is always from Geometric section.
    Is there any chances for me to get into Uet??
    Kindly help me and tell me how to manage time Because its Ramazan too.
    I am very confused and tensed 🙁 :'( .
    Kindly guide me please…

    Maryam /
    • TYARI ni hoti tu tenz wali kya bat ha ALLAH ka nam la k tukky lga dena

      junaid nazar / (in reply to Maryam)
      • In my opinion “Jo ata hai wo kr lo, jo nahin ata wo chor do”. ‘Negative marking tukke marne walo ko filter krne k lye rakhi gai hai’…

        Asim Hakim / (in reply to junaid nazar)
      • bhai agr ap tukkay laga k Uet parh rahy ho tou batao 😛
        sab ne preparation ki hi hoti hai koi b aisy hi nahi challa jata test deny

        Maryam / (in reply to junaid nazar)
      • bhai agr ap tukkay laga k Uet parh rahy ho tou batao 😛
        sab ne preparation ki hi hoti hai koi b aisy hi nahi challa jata test deny n by the way kya ap b UET k student ho n wahan se engineering kar rahy ho kya ap??

        Maryam / (in reply to junaid nazar)
      • bhai agr ap tukkay laga k Uet parh rahy ho tou batao… 😛
        sab ne preparation ki hi hoti hai koi b aisy hi nahi challa jata test deny n by the way kya ap b UET k student ho n wahan se engineering kar rahy ho kya ap??

        Maryam / (in reply to junaid nazar)
    • One cannot say only on the basis of F.Sc performance that you can get admission. Yes there are strong chances for you(Don’t bother 2nd year marks. you cannot do anything for it except praying).

      Asim Hakim / (in reply to Maryam)
  33. sir i m student of D.A.E plz tell me how can i prepare entry test bcoz now for engineering and technology entry test is plz tell me.

    haroon ali /
    • entry test for technology programs is extremely easy.. dont fear about it. read previous comments for guidelines.. try to understand concepts given in books.

      asimkhan0001 / (in reply to haroon ali)
      • sir i have been completely untouch from chemistry and fsc chemistry is difficult for me bcoz in D.A.E, chemistry was not a regular subject plz tell me how can i prepare chemistry portion

        haroon ali / (in reply to asimkhan0001)
        • Don’t worry about chemistry because most of the time, high marks in board does not guarantee you good marks in ECAT. there are about 10 questions after each chapter in books of Chemistry. you should learn concepts behind them. you can try asking for help from one your good fellows for this. But first, read F.Sc book THOROUGHLY. (It is most important).

          Asim Hakim / (in reply to haroon ali)
  34. sir g i am from sindh so can i prepration of test from sindh board text book of fsc?or punjab board plz reply

    ali` /
    • There is not a big difference in F.Sc books of all boards across punjab. basically your concepts should be cleared.. UET usually set test from O level books and FSc books.. maths portion is mostly general (General formulas of integration, properties etc..) so you should read ur books thorouglhy wether u are from Federal Board or Punjab board…

      asimkhan0001 / (in reply to ali`)
  35. which board books do we need to read?sindh board,punjab board or federal board./?which one will be the best?

    ali /
    • basically your concepts should be cleared.. UET usually set test from O level books and FSc books.. maths portion is mostly general (General formulas of integration, properties etc..) so you should read ur books thorouglhy wether u are from Federal Board or Punjab board…

      asimkhan0001 / (in reply to ali)

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