How to register a domain name in Pakistan

Registering a domain name is the first step if you want to climb towards success by making a website an establish an online business. It is very easy, there are 4 steps: choose a domain name, find a good domain name registrar, pay the registration fees and hit register! Okay now you have decided your domain name, and realized that you are sitting in Pakistan and don’t have any credit or debit card that works with any of companies that can register a domain for you. For this you’re required a card number that can be used for online purchases. But good news is that you can still pay your domain fees if you do not have any card.register a domain name in pakistan

Trick is that you choose a registrar that have payment option you can avail. One of a good company in Pakistan is CreativeON. They have a lot of payment options.

  • Bank Transfer / Deposit.

  • Easy Paisa Option.

  • Direct Cash Deposit At their Office.

  • Credit Card.

One of the easiest is to pay through EasyPaisa. You just have to visit any of your nearest EasyPaisa shops. Click here if you want to find a nearby shop. For payment through this option all you need is CNIC number and mobile no of the person you are paying. Don’t worry I’ll tell you how to get this info. But first you have to find a domain name. You can find domain name prices on CreativeOn’s official website. First of all choose your domain name by searching through any of the whois online. Now as you have your domain name so you can contact creatoveon for registration. Contact them through their contact form and tell that you want to register a domain name using easypaisa. They will soon reply you with the CNIC and mobile number. Visit the easypaisa shop with a copy of your own CNIC and mobile number and pay to the CNIC you got from the email. he may ask you a 5-digit code. This code is necessary for the receiver to receive the money. Now you can reply to them using email with the 5-digit code, mobile number, ID Card number from which you have sent money and the domain name to register. They will register your domain name for you.

Next Step is to get hosting for your website.

Following are things to remember:

  • You should obtain a 5-digit code from easypaisa merchant and write it in the email so they can receive the money.
  • You should also mention the domain registration period for which you want to register your domain. Registering your domain for more than 1 year once is a good thing if you are serious about your blog or website SEO.
  • If you are registering for more than one year, you should pay fees accordingly.
  • Double check your domain name spelling. once registered, it can not be changed. You will have to register a new domain then.
  • You can reach CreativeON’s website here.

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