8 Reasons you should use Breadcrumbs on your Blog

8 Reasons you should use Breadcrumbs on your Blog

1. Convenient for Users

A good blogger focuses on user experience and everything else follows. So any changes to your site will be questioned: is this better for user? This also applies to breadcrumbs. So the answer is yes, breadcrumb trails are good for user experience. why? Because it give users a secondary means of navigating a website and on large websites or blogs with a lot of pages, user can easily go to top level pages. If a user lands on an internal page on your website from another source breadcrumbs will allow the user to see exactly where they stand within the sites hierarchy.

2. Reduces Bounce rates

Bounce rate is percentage of visitors who enter a webpage and instead of visiting other pages, they leaves the site. So it should be low. Breadcrumbs can be a great way to pursue visitor to further click on other pages of website. For example, say a user comes on a page through Google search, seeing a breadcrumb trail may tempt him to click to higher-level pages to view related topics of interests. Read more on bounce rate here.

3. Shortens user path

Without breadcrumbs, if a user wants to go one level to the other, then he have to use browser’s “forward” and “backward” button. So, breadcrumbs reduces the number of clicks used to navigate from one level to other. Additionally it eliminate the need for users to continually resort to the main navigation.

4. Shows Users Hierarchy

Giving users breadcrumbs will allow them to see the hierarchy of a page within a website. Because primary navigation of a website will not reflect the hierarchy of every page within the site.

5. Breadcrumbs are eye-caching

Breadcrumbs provide users additional usability without taking much space. They are also easy to implement on your blog. It makes your website more established and well organized.

6. Provides extra help

A website’s primary navigation may not be providing enough navigation information to user and in some cases users may not even know what they are looking for. Giving users breadcrumbs will allow them to see the overall progress and structure of a website hence allowing them to navigate the website better.

7. Good for SEO

Breadcrumbs make it easy for Google to crawl your website and categorize. It makes Google easy to understand the structure of a site and to include that kind of navigation within search results.

8. Google Search Results appearance

When you use breadcrumbs, Google categorizes your site accordingly (not always). It appears in SERPS, and looks good. It can even increase click through rate for your website.

breadcrumbs in serps

Breadcrumbs in SERPS


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