Where to get credit/debit card that works online

Where to get credit/debit card that works online:

The most common problem for online purchases like domain registering, hosting or buying a software from an online store is lack of a Debit card that can be used. There may be several solutions which include getting a credit card from a bank that have this service, switching to a payment method that does not require any card or using credit card of a friend. You can lend a friend’s may be once, twice or ten times? It can be frustrating. The joy of having yours is unlike any of these options. If you are in Pakistan or you are too lazy to find a local bank, good news is that you can still get one. In this article I will explain how to get a Debit Card.
There is a company called Payoneer , which is worldwide provider of MasterCards. Fortunately it offers its service in Pakistan and India also. The process does not require anything but filling out an online signup form. When you sign up for a payoneer mastercard, they will mail you your new payoneer debitcard at your home address. There are some other terms related to Payoneer like US Payment Service etc I am going to explain them a little bit later. There are some simple steps to go through (All at your home).

  • First go to Payoneer’s official Signup page here.
  • On the first page, you will be entering your details like your name an email address etc.
  • For detailed instructions of Signup: Go to : How to signup for Payoneer in n Steps

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